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About us

Technology tailored to suit the specific needs

Comex Group delivers technologies for production and separation of fine powders and optical separation of large particles. The company develops innovative, highly advanced solutions for optimisation of the production costs that increase profitability of production processes through enhancing the quality of the final product, reducing the energy consumption and achieving more environmentally friendly parameters.
Our customers include mines, processing plants, chemical plants, recycling plants as well as higher education institutions.

Pioneers of innovation

Comex derives from SIM Investment Group and SINTEF Materials Technology, which is the biggest research institution in Scandinavia, whereas majority of the offered solutions have been developed in the recognized laboratories of NTNU University in Trondheim.
What distinguishes Comex is its own testing laboratory, where we test samples delivered by the customers and which enables us to develop devices that suit individual needs of our customers. Our laboratory is open also to our contractors, who are very welcomed to take part in these tests.

International brand

Since 2003 Comex has delivered over 150 innovative solutions for larger and smaller mining and production companies from several dozen countries. Our sales representatives operate in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. In Europe alone our systems are well-known in over 20 countries.

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