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Research & Development

Research and development

Through considerable investments in research and development we are able to provide solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and their business sector, which increase their competitiveness on the market.

Own test laboratory

Comex Group has its own test laboratories equipped with the pilot equipment, which enables to perform tests on very small samples supplied by the customers. As a result, we can verify in practice how efficient is our equipment for a given raw material and present reliable results. Furthermore, we are able to set optimal parameters for a given production process and scale them to larger units.

Our laboratory is open to our customers, who are very welcomed to see how the system operates and what are the benefits of its application. A visit in our lab is also an excellent opportunity for us to identify and understand customers’ needs, analyse their expectations and be helpful in guiding them on the best solutions.

DSC_2043__Hala separatorów optycznych i rentgenowskich
DSC_2067_Lewo separator optyczny Prawo separator rentgenowski Prosto Podajnik zasilający
DSC_2101_Punkt poboru probek z separacji optycznej lub rentgenowskiej
DSC_2205_Instalacja próbki do spektometru XRF
DSC_2236_Instalacja głowicy z próbką w mikroskopie elektronowym
DSC_2183_Prototyp Automatycznego Systemu Pomiaru Uziarnienia w zawiesinach


Cooperation with research centres worldwide

Innovative character and competitiveness of the systems developed by Comex Group result also from extensive collaboration with foreign education institutions and research centres. Our solutions are developed in the laboratories of SINTEF, which is the biggest research institution in Scandinavia, and at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with over 100 laboratories, which coordinates numerous research projects within the framework of innovation programmes.

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