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Why Comex

Increased profit, reduced costs

Our solutions translate into tangible business benefits, where in some cases it means even 120% increase in productivity with energy consumption reduced by 90%.

Extended testing process

We have carried out numerous tests on samples supplied by the customers and we always adjust them to the specific guidelines, therefore, the testing process is reliable and guarantees high quality of devices delivered by Comex.

High level of cooperation

We listen to our customers. We provide assistance in the selection of a suitable solution and service. We provide support and we open our laboratory to our customers so that they can personally take part in the testing process. Further, we sign final agreement only after positive outcome of the performed tests.

Quality confirmed by reference

The technologies offered by Comex have been positively tested and reviewed in a variety of industrial applications, among others, at production of mineral concentrates, abrasives, fillers to paper, rubber, paint and plastic, advanced composite materials, glass fibre.

Environmental protection

Comex delivers technologies that reduce waste emission, minimise energy consumption and provide better use of materials in the recycling process.


Solutions patented by Comex are unique in the world and allow us to obtain powders as small as a few microns.

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    High rates of return on
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