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CMA Multi-Channel Analyzer for Dry Applications

Particle analysis ranging from 0.5-800 microns in multiple parallel channels. Typically the measurement is carried out in parallel for 9 channels.


How it works?

The particle size measurement system is based on the laser diffraction principle. Special multi-particle scattering model is used to provide reliable measurements with very high concentrations of particles. This allows measuring particle sizes directly in most of the production lines. Pneumatic valve system is employed for switching between the measured channels. The system can switch channels in free combination, duration and priorities



The Multi Channel System for particles size measurements consists two main parts:

  • Main unit cabinet located on production area
  • Control PC located in control room

Both are connected by two cables Ethernet or RS-485.

Operating panel

Key benefits

  • current particle size distribution curves
  • average particles size distribution curves displayed with the specified averaging duration
  • calculated particle volume
  • calculated Blaine
  • concentration of particles in the measuring channel
  • trend curves showing ROI like d50, d75, d97 etc
  • graphs and tables showing specified curve parameters
  • possibility to store all measurements locally and in the external systems through the OPC server
  • possibility to control the external devices by PID controllers to allow constant production control

Technical specifications


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