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OAX Particle Analysing System

The OAX system can be used in the laboratory scale or it can be installed on-line in the production process. Particle analysis can be done in the size range from 0.5mm to 500mm (larger analysers may also be built).

How it works?

The OAX particle analysing system includes the optical camera installed inside the analyser. The material is supplied on the top by a vibro-feeder when used in the laboratory or is taken directly from the process when the unit is installed on-line. The images are taken by the system in dynamic conditions (moving particles image). This system is operated by a PC based analysing package employing a sophisticated software algorithm.

Each particle is identified in terms of the material type or combination of materials, its dimension, shape, structure and its position in the analyser window. Results from image processing can be displayed as a number of different parameters describing material particles. In addition to material colour, there are over 50 parameters (like diameter, perimeter, centre of mass, moment of inertia, particle orientation, elongation factor etc.) normally used for particles shape identification.

Additional combinations of these parameters can also be used for distinguishing particles of interest.


The OAX system can be used to analyse::

  • mineral resources
  • metal ores
  • gemstones
  • coal

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