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JMX Jet Mill

Jet milling is a common grinding method for high added value materials. It is mainly used for materials which are abrasive or when the grinding process has to be carried out in ultra high purity conditions. Extremely low wear rate of the mill parts provides more and more interesting new applications. Comex jet mills incorporate the grinding chamber with air nozzles and the build in ACX air classifier. This classifier type provides very high classification efficiency which significantly increases a grinding capacity of the complete system.

Additionally, Comex jet mill construction allows a precise nozzle position control which is of critical importance for efficient grinding. Capacity increases have been experienced when old jet mills have been replaced with Comex jet mills. Comex jet mill units can be equipped with on-line particle size control if direct control of the produced material is important.


Key benefits

  • high precision of nozzles and therefore highly effective particle collision
  • ultra-fine and high–efficiency classifier built in the grinding chamber
  • low energy requirements when compared to other jet mill types
  • fine cut-size down to D97=2 microns
  • possibilities for minor corrections of the particle size distribution curve shape
  • compact mechanical design
  • easy inspection and removal of the rotor through the inspection window
  • exchangeable blade rotor with quick replacement procedure
  • low cost of maintenance for the complete unit

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