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Laboratory systems for production and classification of fine particles

Production of fine particles is always a demanding task. The fine classification process requires more sophisticated equipment and it is often necessary to optimise the construction and operating parameters of the applied equipment.The classification process is of critical importance for many grind¬ing and classification circuits. In general, the overall energy consumption for grinding can be reduced drastically if classifica¬tion efficiency is high. Furthermore, the production capacity can significantly be increased, which for many applications is even more important than energy savings. When fine and efficient classification is achieved, grinding and classification circuits can provide new products having ultra-fine particle sizes thus increasing possible application areas.

The industrial conditions very often restrict potential experiments so the optimization work is difficult to perform. The application of small scale installations allows the experimentation work to be more effective, thusdecreasing the R&D cost. Furthermore, all data can be scaled up to the industrial conditions providing the optimal performance.

Equipment configurations

Comex provides three product types:

Each type of the equipmentcan be configuredindividually according to application requirements. This provides an important flexibility for any experimental work.

Key benefits

  • Small scale optimization of full size devices with small amount of input material
  • Possibility to change different input martials
  • Small scale simulation of the real industrial processes
  • Data scale up possibilities
  • Small footprint of the equipment with a possibility to install in almost every laboratory
  • Single phase power supply 230/110V with the standard power plug

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