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Sorting technology

With regard to business operations of our company, i.e. commissioning of radiation-generating devices, we would like to inform that none of such activities results in health or environmental impact, and that no radioactive substances are released into the environment.

Comex has developed a new optical sorting system based on a complex image analysis. The system separates materials by recognition of many different properties in the same unit: color, shape, size, surface texture, density, transparency, X-Ray transmission and X-Ray fluorescence, thermal transfer, conductivity, electromagnetic induction. It provides an efficient mineral purification before grinding. The same system can be used for both material sorting and identification or characterization without necessary separation.

Comex systems guarantee:

  • high separation efficiency up to 99.9%
  • complete 2D/3D analysis of particle geometry
  • possibility for on-site waste material separation
  • possibility to separate materials by recognition of many different properties in the same unit
  • opportunity to get numerous fractions of the material based on f.ex different quality demands from the market


cost savings

reduced energy consumption in the processing plant

reduced transport needs between the mine and the plant

reduced waste disposals from the plant

improved recovery

best utilization of material resources from the mine

recycling of waste materials

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Processing industry

Mining industry

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